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Guayaquil Hostels in Guayaquil
Although Quito is the capital of Ecuador, Guayaquil is the largest city in the country. Located in the south of the country on the Gulf of Guayaquil it is the major port for all imports and exports in to and out of the country and has a population almost double that of Quito. As this is the major center in the country for business, Americas interests in Ecuador are looked after by the US Embassy Guayaquil and not via Quito. Until recently Guayaquil had a bad reputation for violence and crime, it has now completed a program of urban renewal which has made the renovated city center a safe environment to visit but moving to the outer parts of the city, there still remains some problems. Attractions in Guayaquil The main attraction in Guayaquil is the Malecón 2000. Many travelers come here to see these attractions in buses de ecuador. This is a modern, gated and policed, waterfront esplanade stretching for 2.5 km along the banks of the Guayas River. Along the Malecón are museums, monuments, malls, restaurants, bars, views of the docks and an IMAX theater. This is a popular area and attracts locals and visitors alike. Along the waterfront, close to the Clock Tower there is the “Guayas”, a 257 foot sailing ship. This three masted Tall Ship allows a glimpse into the past. Although the Guayaquil Cathedral looks older it was built in 1948 in a neo-gothic style and reflects both colonial and ethnic influences. Now that many of the urban problems of the past have been dealt with the Guayaquil nightlife is starting to become famous with bars like “Bohém” that offers a mix of live music and Japanese food or “Baradero Coffee Concert” which has a European style and hosts live shows. There are still isolated instances of violence on the streets late at night but taking the usual precautions when visiting foreign nightclubs should keep you safe. There are a lot of cheap hostels in Guayaquil and plenty around the city center. Finding one in one of the safer parts of the city should not pose a problem, but check on the location before booking. There is an international airport in Guayaquil and you can also get flights to the Galapagos Islands and Quito from there. Taking a bus to Quito will cost you $10 and 8 hours of your time.
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